Top 10 Injection Moulding Companies in AU & NZ

The manufacturing sector has always been the backbone of a country’s economic development; specific industries promise growth, innovation, and sustainability. One such industry is the injection molding sector, which plays an instrumental role in transforming raw plastic into a myriad of products used daily.

From the minutest components in electronics to larger parts in automotive applications, the scope and reach of this industry are vast.

In the Oceanic regions, namely Australia and New Zealand, the injection molding industry has seen considerable growth, driven by domestic demand, technological advancements, and the entrepreneurial spirit of its industrialists.

This article highlights the top 10 injection molding companies in Australia and New Zealand, emphasizing their contribution, scale, and influence in the regional market.


Top 10 Injection Moulding Companies in AU & NZ

Rank Company Name Location
1 A Plus Plastics Australia
Custom Injection Moulding, Industrial Bins
2 Sneddon & Kingston Plastics Australia
Precision Injection Moulding
3 Toolcraft Australia Australia
High Precision Injection Moulding
4 B&C Plastics Australia
Plastic Injection Moulding
5 Fischer Plastics Australia
Plastic Injection Moulded Products
6 DM Plastics & Steel Australia
Custom Injection Moulding
7 Marley New Zealand New Zealand
Injection Molded Plastic Products for Building
8 RX Plastics New Zealand
Injection Moulding, Pipe & Fittings
9 Talbot Technologies New Zealand
Injection Moulding, Tool Making
10 Elastomer Products Limited New Zealand Rubber and Plastic Moulding

The Panorama of Injection Molding in Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand, known for their picturesque landscapes, are also formidable players in manufacturing.

While they might not be the first names that come to mind when considering global hubs for injection molding, their prowess in this domain is undeniable. What sets them apart is the scale, innovation, and quality standards they bring.

A Plus Plastics

Located in Australia, A Plus Plastics is more than just a plastics manufacturer. They are the epitome of how custom injection molding can serve diverse industries. Their range, including industrial bins, showcases their adaptability and ability to cater to B2B and B2C sectors.

Salient Products – industrial bins, materials handling crates, and garden products.

Sneddon & Kingston Plastics

This Australian firm is a testament to precision. They have carved a niche in precision injection molding, ensuring every product meets the client’s stringent quality expectations.

Salient Products – components for automotive, electrical, and household goods.

Toolcraft Australia

High precision is the hallmark of Toolcraft. They are one of Australia’s frontrunners in delivering meticulously crafted products through injection molding.

Salient Products –  intricate parts for the electronics, automotive, and healthcare industries.

B&C Plastics

B&C Plastics has effectively bridged the gap between design and execution. Their approach to plastic injection molding reflects their commitment to bringing concepts to tangible reality.

Salient Products – packaging, toys, household containers, and even custom design solutions.

Fischer Plastics

Known for its diverse range of plastic injection-molded products, Fischer Plastics epitomizes the versatility of this industry.

Salient Products – storage solutions, tool boxes, medical containers, and other custom molded items.

DM Plastics & Steel

This Australian company not only underscores the importance of custom injection molding but also how integration with other materials, like steel, can expand the horizons of product development.

Salient Products – agricultural products, like irrigation components

Marley New Zealand

A pivot in New Zealand’s injection molding landscape, Marley stands out with their emphasis on building and construction-related products.

Salient Products – drainage systems, plumbing, and other plastics used in the construction industry.

RX Plastics

Hailing from New Zealand, RX Plastics is not just about molding but also about holistic solutions. Their offerings extend to pipes and fittings, serving a broader spectrum of industries.

Salient Products – Agriculture and construction-related plastic components

Talbot Technologies

Merging tool making with injection molding, Talbot Technologies offers an end-to-end solution, from conceptualizing a product to its final manufacture.

Salient Products – automotive parts, medical equipment components, and other custom plastic and rubber moldings.

Elastomer Products Limited

Elastomer Products Limited is a beacon in the world of rubber and plastic molding in New Zealand, symbolizing how integrating different materials can lead to exceptional product outcomes.

Salient Products – industrial seals and gaskets to consumer goods made of elastomers or plastics.

Concluding Thoughts

As represented by these ten companies, the injection molding industry in Australia and New Zealand exemplifies the blend of innovation, precision, and versatility.

While each company brings its unique strength, it collectively contributes to the region’s industrial growth, providing employment, fostering innovation, and meeting domestic and international demands.

As the world leans towards sustainable solutions, the role of the injection molding sector, with its ability to recycle and reuse, becomes even more crucial. It will be interesting to watch the future trajectories of these companies as they steer the industry to new heights in the coming years.