Top 10 Plastic Manufacturers in the World

Which are 10 Plastic Manufacturers in the World?

Plastic has now become an integral part of our lives. It is being used in almost every industry serving humanity today.

You name it, automotive, consumer products, packaging, aerospace, pipes & fittings, electronics, electrical, footwear, industrial applications, wherever you go, and whatever you see, plastics are everywhere.

Plastic can be glued, drilled, reformed, frozen, cut, twisted, bent, melted, and even recycled. It can resist a variety of situations to warp into desired products.

Choosing where to source plastic material is challenging itself. So I’ve made a list of the 10 top plastic manufacturers in the world.

So, without further due, let’s start the list.

Top 10 Plastic Manufacturers in Terms of Market Capitalization

ManufacturerMarket Capitalization (Billion $)Headquarters
ExxonMobil Chemical*300.0Irving, Texas, USA
SABIC100.0Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
BASF SE70.0Ludwigshafen, Germany
LG Chem60.0Seoul, South Korea
Dow Inc.50.0Midland, Michigan, USA
INEOS Group50.0London, UK
DuPont45.0Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Formosa Plastics Corporation45.0Taipei, Taiwan
LyondellBasell Industries40.0Houston, Texas, USA
Chevron Phillips Chemical*15.0The Woodlands, Texas, USA

Top 10 Plastic Manufacturers in Terms of Revenue 

ManufacturerRevenue (Billion $)EmployeesHeadquarters
Dow Inc.55.036,500Midland, Michigan, USA
BASF SE84.5110,000Ludwigshafen, Germany
SABIC40.033,000Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
INEOS Group61.026,000London, UK
ExxonMobil Chemical37.818,000Irving, Texas, USA
LG Chem27.819,000Seoul, South Korea
LyondellBasell Industries34.719,400Houston, Texas, USA
DuPont20.434,000Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Chevron Phillips Chemical15.25,000The Woodlands, Texas, USA
Formosa Plastics Corporation24.38,000Taipei, Taiwan

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Dow Inc.

  • Revenue: $55 billion
  • Employees: 36,500
  • Headquarters: Midland, Michigan, USA

Dow is a global leader in plastics, chemicals, and agricultural products. Its diverse portfolio includes high-performance plastics, additives, and advanced materials used in packaging, infrastructure, and consumer goods.


  • Revenue: $84.5 billion
  • Employees: 110,000
  • Headquarters: Ludwigshafen, Germany

BASF is the largest chemical producer in the world. It offers a broad range of plastics, including polyurethanes and engineering plastics, integral to the automotive, construction, and electronics industries.

3. SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation)

  • Revenue: $40 billion
  • Employees: 33,000
  • Headquarters: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

SABIC specializes in chemicals, industrial polymers, fertilizers, and metals. Its plastic products, like polyethylene and polypropylene, are used widely in packaging, construction, and automotive sectors.

4. INEOS Group

  • Revenue: $61 billion
  • Employees: 26,000
  • Headquarters: London, UK

INEOS is a global petrochemicals, specialty chemicals, and oil products manufacturer. It produces a wide range of plastics, including polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC, which are crucial for various industrial applications.

5. ExxonMobil Chemical

  • Revenue: $37.8 billion
  • Employees: 18,000
  • Headquarters: Irving, Texas, USA

ExxonMobil Chemical is a division of ExxonMobil Corporation. It manufactures and markets commodity and specialty plastics, including polyethylene and polypropylene, used in packaging, automotive, and consumer products.

6. LG Chem

  • Revenue: $27.8 billion
  • Employees: 19,000
  • Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

LG Chem is a leading chemical company in South Korea, offering many plastic products. Its portfolio includes high-performance plastics, such as ABS and polycarbonate, utilized in electronics, automotive, and healthcare industries.

7. LyondellBasell Industries

  • Revenue: $34.7 billion
  • Employees: 19,400
  • Headquarters: Houston, Texas, USA

LyondellBasell is one of the largest plastics, chemicals, and refining companies globally. It produces polyethylene, polypropylene, and advanced polyolefins in packaging, automotive, and construction industries.

8. DuPont

  • Revenue: $20.4 billion
  • Employees: 34,000
  • Headquarters: Wilmington, Delaware, USA

DuPont is a science and technology company that brings world-class innovations in plastics. Its products include engineering polymers like nylon and Teflon, widely used in automotive, electronics, and industrial applications.

9. Chevron Phillips Chemical

  • Revenue: $15.2 billion
  • Employees: 5,000
  • Headquarters: The Woodlands, Texas, USA

Chevron Phillips Chemical is a joint venture between Chevron Corporation and Phillips 66. It produces ethylene, propylene, polyethylene, and specialty chemicals, serving markets in packaging, automotive, and consumer goods.

10. Formosa Plastics Corporation

  • Revenue: $24.3 billion
  • Employees: 8,000
  • Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan

Formosa Plastics Corporation is a major player in producing polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene, and polypropylene. Its products are essential in construction, automotive, and consumer industries.


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Let’s look at some frequently asked questions about the top plastic companies to gain a better understanding.

How many plastic manufacturers are there in the US?

There are more than 16000 plastic manufacturing sites in the United States. The US plastic industry is the third-largest manufacturing sector in the United States. It employs more than 1.4 million people (1 million on manufacturing sites and other 400,000 plus, including suppliers.)

Which country has the most plastic waste?

Not surprisingly, it’s China. It contributes about 28% of global plastic waste, followed by Indonesia with 10%, then comes Vietnam and the Philippines with 6% of plastic waste.

Which country uses the least plastic?

The county using the least plastic in the world is Rwanda. It became a plastic-free country in 2009, and since then, they have kept it that way. Rwandans are so done with anyone caught with a plastic item that faces a jail sentence of up to six months.

What are the two main types of plastic?

There are two types of Plastics – Thermoplastics, and Thermosets.

Which is the strongest plastic material in the world?

Polycarbonate is the strongest plastic material in the world in terms of impact strength. It is 200 times stronger than glass and is also transparent, making it a favorite material to be used in bulletproof glasses and windows.

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Final Thoughts 

That was my take on the top 10 plastic manufacturers. Plastic is a vast and complex industry that plays a significant role in our lives.

The world’s top plastic manufacturers have demonstrated their prowess in producing high-quality plastic products that cater to diverse industries.

While these companies face various challenges, such as environmental concerns, they continue to innovate and improve their products’ sustainability.

With the increased focus on sustainability, plastic manufacturers are expected to continue to evolve and provide innovative solutions that reduce their environmental impact.

Kindly comment on your views in the comment box.

Have a wonderful day.

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