How to Clean Plexiglass | The Ultimate Guide

Hello people; I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m going to share an ultimate guide on how to clean plexiglass seamlessly.

Cleaning Plexiglass 

To clean plexiglass, gently dust it off using a microfiber cloth. Then, mix mild soap with warm water, apply the solution with a soft cloth, and wipe dry. Avoid using cleaners containing ammonia or alcohol.

How to clean Acrylic/Plexiglass is a question making many DIYers scratch their heads for the right reason. Although Plexiglass or acrylic is a handy material, it scratches very quickly and gives a tough time to people looking to work on it. Regardless of what application it’s been used, Plexiglass has several advantages over glass, even though they look very similar.

Acrylic is clearer than glass, weighs half, is flexible, and is 17 times more impact resistant than traditional plate glass. However, as it scratches easily, thus, its cleaning should be done with utmost care and with the right products to keep its pleasant appearance and structural integrity intact.

Plexiglass’s transparency can be challenging to maintain. However, you can easily tackle that if you clean Plexiglass properly.

Tips for Cleaning Plexiglass 

One downside of Plexiglass is that its prone to abrasion. Meaning you need to take special care while cleaning your windows and aquarium. Before starting to clean, the first task on our hands is to pick the best cleaner and cloth to use in acrylic to remove dirt, stains, dust, and smudges without making marks on the surface. Just follow the below steps.

Scratches: I’ve established that the plexiglass sheet can be easily scratched. This means there’s a good chance your plexiglass windows or surfaces may already be scratched. No need to worry; you can seamlessly remove light scratches by temporarily filling in the scratches using some car wax. You can also use Vaseline for a similar effect.

Dirt Levels: Look closely at the Plexiglass to know how dirty it is. It will help you determine how strong a cleaning agent you need to use. If all you see is a dust coat, spraying some water will be enough. Tough stains and streaks will demand more than just water. It will need a homemade cleaning agent mixed with water. However, there are some cleaning agents you should avoid at any cost.

You can also use air to clean the surface by blowing across the pane or even a blow dryer by setting it to the lowest, most incredible range, never heating Plexiglass. If you’re going to use a blow dryer, hold the blow dryer at a 45-degree angle several inches away from the Plexiglass and run side-to-side down the surface.

Cleaners: Don’t use any cleaning products containing alcohol, aromatics, ammonia, and other abrasives. Specifically, alcohol must be avoided at any cost because it will make scratches and microfractures on the surface of Plexiglass. Ammonia can eat into Plexiglass surfaces and can make them look cloudy. Most acrylic grades are susceptible to chemical attacks by aromatic hydrocarbons. Also, stay away from traditional glass cleaners, ketones, and halogens.

Once the cleaner has been applied, use a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth to wipe the surface down gently, contacting the fabric only with the portion of the surface with cleaner on it. Continue applying the cleaner to the entire surface of the pane and moping it off in small sections until you’ve finished the whole surface.

Cleaning Plexiglass is as simple as that. If followed well, that procedure is the best way to clean Plexiglass. However, if you still find yourself in a problem and are in the mood to go ultra-thorough, you can rinse the cloth, soak in plain water, and wipe it on Plexiglass again. This step isn’t essential but it can clean whatever you missed the first time.

If you’re not in the mood for wiping, run water over the surface without causing a slip hazard. That will help you get a brighter shine, and always remember to keep the pressure low; the lower the pressure, the better.

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What is Heavy Cleaning Plexiglass?

In outdoor applications and high-traffic localities, how to clean plexiglass windows is a more common question. It will need a little bit more elbow grease and heavy-duty cleaners. We need a blow dryer or compressed air, a lint-free microfiber cloth, and a gentle Plexiglass cleaning agent such as Brillianize or Novus.

To begin with, you need to remove any excess dirt or dust from the pane surface. However, don’t dry contact with the surface as you may grind those particles into the material. Instead, as suggested earlier, use a blow dryer to clear the surface at the slowest speed settings.

Apply a non-abrasive cleaning agent once the excess grime is cleaned or blown away. You can first test it on a small square section of the surface. Making a homemade solution with mild water dish soap is also a good option.

If you use water, mild solution, and a soft, lint-free cloth, all the tough stains from grease and oil can be removed efficiently. Again avoid using window cleaning sprays, kitchen cleaners, benzene, gasoline, lacquer thinner, and carbon tetrachloride.

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Below are the frequently asked questions on how do you clean plexiglass. Let’s dig deep to know more.

Can I use Windex for cleaning Plexiglass?

As made clear above, Plexiglass should never be cleaned by a cleaning solution containing ammonia. Windex or 409 contains ammonia in high quantity, which sure would be great for other applications but not as a good plexiglass cleaner. Applying Windex will do more harm than good. The best cleaning solution for cleaning acrylic is Novus or Brillianize and, of course, a soft cotton cloth.

What is the Difference Between Plexiglass and Acrylic?

There is absolutely no difference between Plexiglass and acrylic. Both are the same materials with two different names. Acrylic is the common abbreviation for polymethyl methacrylate, and Plexiglass® is one of the many brand names for this plastic. Over time, Plexiglass, the more popular term among the masses, became a generic name for acrylic.

How to clean Plexiglass windshield?

Ans. Cleaning a Plexiglass windshield is no different from cleaning any acrylic sheet. Use a soft cotton cloth and add a non-abrasive cleaning agent such as mild soap. Wipe the windshield using the cloth and rinse the fabric before adding more cleaner to prevent smudging and remove contaminates.

What to clean Plexiglass with when outdoors?

Being outdoors cleaning Plexiglass might be a bit more challenging than doing the same indoors. However, using heavy-duty cleaners and elbow grease with, as usual, a soft cotton cloth will do the job just fine.

How to clean acrylic with vinegar?

Never use vinegar for cleaning Plexiglass windows and Plexiglass sheets in general. While vinegar is a widely utilized cleaning tool for glass, I don’t recommend it for Plexiglass.

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In conclusion, properly cleaning plexiglass requires a delicate, non-abrasive approach to avoid scratching or damaging the material. The optimal cleaning method involves wiping it gently with a microfiber cloth to remove dust. Then, mix mild soap with warm water, apply this solution with a soft, non-abrasive cloth, and gently wipe the surface. Finally, thoroughly dry with a fresh soft cloth to prevent water spots. Steer clear of harsh chemical cleaners, specifically those containing ammonia or alcohol, which can cause discoloration or damage.

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