Top 10 PVC Manufacturers and Suppliers in USA

The U.S. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) manufacturing industry is a testament to the nation’s prowess in plastics.

PVC, widely recognized for its durability, versatility, and affordability, underpins numerous applications ranging from construction and healthcare to packaging and automotive industries.

American manufacturers have consistently prioritized innovation, ensuring that U.S-made PVC products are competitive and adhere to stringent quality and environmental standards.

Additionally, the industry supports many jobs, contributing significantly to the nation’s economy.

Given its irreplaceable attributes, the demand trajectory for PVC hints at a promising future.

Top 10 PVC Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA 

PVC manufacturers and suppliers are integral in providing one of the most sought-after plastic materials (only behind Polyethylene and Polypropylene) worldwide, with more than 40 million tons of production every year.

Here’s my take on top PVC plastic manufacturers and Suppliers in the United States.

Top PVC Manufacturers In USA  

Company NameRevenue (USD)HQCurrent CEO/MDNo. of employees
DUPONT20.40 BillionWilmington, DelawareEdward D. Breen34,000
Westlake Chemical Corporation7.50 BIllionHouston, TexasAlbert Chao9,220
Celanese corporation5.66 BIllionIrving, TexasLori J. Ryerkerk7,658
Polyone corporation3.24 BillionAvon Lake, OhioRobert M Patterson8,400
JM Eagle998.2 MillionLos Angeles, CaliforniaWalter Wang1800
Contech Engineered Solutions582.78 MillionWest Chester Township, OhioMichael Rafi1247
Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company346.87 MillionCharlotte, North CarolinaRoddey Dowd, Jr.1300
Occidental Chemical Corporation149.95 MillionDallas, TexasVicki Hollub750
Cresline Plastic Pipe Co Inc146.97 MillionEvansville, IndianaRichard A. Schroeder350
Diamond Plastics Corp.100.20 MillionRd Grand Island, NebraskaJohn Britton450

 PVC Suppliers Summary 


Based in Willington, Delaware, DUPONT was founded in the year 1802 by a French-American chemist named Éleuthère Irénée du Pont. In 2017, DUPONT merged with Dow Chemical making the combined entity the world’s largest chemical manufacturing company in annual revenue.

Amongst its extensive lineup of chemicals and chemical-based products, DUPONT provides PVC in the form of elastomers, fibers, polymers, and high-performance materials.

The company specializes in serving clients in sectors like Automotive, Electronics, Buildings and construction, Aerospace, Manufacturing and industrial, Energy, Healthcare and medical, and Government and public sectors.

DUPONT is committed to investing a significant portion of its revenue into Science and innovation for more sustainable products and services.

These include emerging technologies for miniaturization and speed, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Advanced packaging, Increasing power density & frequency, and Big data & protective analytics.

Business Address – 974 Centre Rd Wilmington, DE 19805.

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Westlake Chemical Corporation

Westlake Chemical is an internationally known manufacturer and supplier of polymers and petrochemicals utilized in various consumer and industrial markets. The company operates in two verticals: Olefins and Vinyl, and is also an integrated producer of vinyl, with significant downstream integration into polyvinyl chloride (PVC) building products.

Westlake Chemical was founded in 1986 by T.T Chao, a notable figure in the global petrochemical industry, with an initial acquisition of a polyethylene plant in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Business Address – 2801 Post Oak, Suite 600 Houston, Texas 77056

Celanese corporation

Celanese Corporation, previously known as Hoechst Celanese, is a Fortune 500 global specialty materials company headquartered in Irving, Texas, United States. It owns 25 production plants and six research centers in 11 countries, mainly North America, Europe, and Asia.

Celanese provides products and services for industries such as Aerospace, agriculture, Appliances, Buildings and construction, Coatings, consumer goods, Chemicals, Energy, Industrial, Medical and pharma, Oil, gas, and mining.

The salient products include:

  • Emulsion Polymers
  • Food Ingredients
  • Engineering Materials
  • EVA Polymers
  • Intermediate Chemistry
  • Cellulose Derivatives

Business Address: 222 West Las Colinas Boulevard Suite 900N Irving, TX 75309 USA

Polyone Corporation (Avient) 

Polyone Corporation is a global manufacturer and supplier of specialty materials. It was founded in 2000 after The Geon Company (Geon) and M.A. Hanna Company (Hanna) merged.

Polyone produces and sells PVC in different formulations often utilized in wires & cables, gaskets, medical products, and weather stripping applications.

Polyone boasts 60 manufacturing facilities and 9 distribution centers in North America, Asia, Europe, and South America.

It specializes in polymer additives, Advanced chemicals, polymer colorants, thermoplastic elastomers, vinyl formulations, Engineered polymer solutions, screen printing and marking inks, and polymer distribution.

Business Address: 33587 Walker Rd, Avon Lake, OH 44012, United States

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JM Eagle

JM Eagle is an American company manufacturing and selling PVC and HDPE pipes. It owns 22 manufacturing facilities in North America, producing a variety of pipes & fittings for industries including plumbing, electrical, utility, natural gas, irrigation, potable water, Drainage, and sewage.

JM Eagle came into existence after a series of mergers and acquisitions beginning in 1982 when Formosa Plastics acquired eight plants comprising the plastic-pipe operations of Johns Manville to form J-M Manufacturing, headquartered in Livingston, New Jersey.

In November 2005, A Chinese business magnate named Walter Wang acquired 100% of the company from Fromesa Plastics.

JM Eagle became the largest PVC pipe manufacturer in the United States, boasting 14 manufacturing plants nationwide after it acquired the then-largest pipe manufacturer PW Eagle.

Business Address: 10807 US-59, Wharton, TX 77488, USA

Contech Engineered Solutions


Headquartered in West Chester, Ohio, Contech has over 1,400 employees and 60 facilities strategically located across North America.

The company’s footprint spans every major U.S. city and all 50 states, with Contech specializing in producing piping solutions for construction companies, engineers, contractors, and developers on projects across North America.

Their portfolio includes drainage, bridges, erosion control, sanitary sewer, retaining walls, and stormwater management products.

Business Address: 9025 Centre Pointe Dr #400, West Chester Township, OH 45069, United States.

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry was founded back in 1901 and, since then, has witnessed exponential revenue growth.

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, the company boasts 7 manufacturing facilities. The company provides pipes and fitting services for residential and commercial applications.

Their products suit plumbing, sewage, irrigation, and home-building applications.

Salient Products

  • PVC Sch. 40/80 Pipe/Fittings Systems
  • FlowGuard Gold® Copper Tube Size CPVC Pipe/Fittings System
  • Large Diameter PVC DWV Fittings
  • ABS/PVC DWV Pipe/Fittings Systems

Business Address: 2109 Randolph Rd, Charlotte, NC 28207, USA

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Occidental Chemical Corporation

Occidental is an international Energy and Chemicals company with US, Latin America, Middle-East, and Africa assets.

OxyChem is the company division that specializes in manufacturing plastics and chemicals. OxyChem manufactures PVC resins, vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), and its precursor, ethylene dichloride (EDC).

OxyChem owns and operates 22 manufacturing plants across the U.S. and international sites in Canada and Chile.

Business Address: 5 Greenway Plaza Ste 110, Houston, TX 77046, USA

Cresline Plastic Pipe Co Inc

Cresline Plastic Pipe Co Inc, Kentucky Office. Source -

Cresline Plastic Pipe is the oldest pipe company in the United States, dating back to 1949. The company provides a full range of PVC piping products used in various applications throughout the U.S.

The company’s first pipe manufacturing plant was built in Henderson, Kentucky 1966.

This was followed by plants built in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, in 1973, Council Bluffs, Iowa, in 1978, and Corsicana, Texas, in 1985. Cresline-West, Inc. was formed in 1992 by purchasing the Swanson Company’s pipe manufacturing plant in Phoenix, Arizona.

Salient Products:

  • PVC Pressure Pipe
  • PVC Drain and Sewer Pipe
  • Drain, Waste, and vent pipe
  • PVC Well Casing and Threaded Drop Pipe

Business Address: 600 Cross Pointe Blvd, Evansville, IN 47715, USA

Diamond Plastics Corp.

Founded in 1982, Diamond Plastics Corp. specializes in manufacturing large-sized PVC pipes mainly used in the industrial segment. With 7 manufacturing facilities in Grand Island, Nebraska, and Lubbock, Texas, Diamond Plastics has emerged as an industry leader in pipe technologies with two profile products, an internal joint restraint product, and a solid wall PVC pipe for pressure and gravity flow applications through 60 inches in diameter.

Salient products:

  • IPS
  • C900 (4″ through 12″)
  • Gated
  • 50 lb low head
  • PIP

Business Address: 1212 Johnstown Rd, Grand Island, NE 68803, USA

That’s it with the list of PVC and PVC pipe manufacturers and suppliers.

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Below are the frequently asked questions about PVC suppliers. Let’s dig deep to know more.

Which PVC pipe is best for electrical wiring?

Rigid Non-Metallic (PVC) Conduit – preferred for instances where the wires run below the surface of concrete wall or flooring. It’s mainly chosen because it will keep the water that may seep through the wall from the wiring.

What are PVC pipes mostly used for?

PVC pipes are mainly employed in applications like sinks, toilets, sewer, and wastewater conveyance, as well as within drains and vents associated with structures and equipment and liquid handling manufacturing equipment used in drainage, waste, and vent pipework.

How long do PVC pipes last?

Traditionally, PVC pipes had only 25-40 years of life. However, thanks to recent technological advancements, the PVC pipes manufactured nowadays have a 70-80 years lifespan.

Can PVC pipe crack?

Yes. It is a high possibility that a PVC pipe can crack. However, that will only happen if it is exposed to much stress. The most common reason for that is improper installation and manufacturing defects.

How to make PVC pipes UV resistant?

We can protect PVC pipes from UV rays and sunlight by coating them with PVC primer and water-based latex paint. Clean the surface of the pipe properly using a dry cotton cloth before applying the primer. Once the primer is dried, apply a layer of light-colored paint to create a protective barrier over the PVC pipe.

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Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, the U.S. boasts a diverse and dynamic PVC manufacturing landscape. The top 10 PVC manufacturers highlighted in this article have consistently demonstrated their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Their contributions play a pivotal role in various industries, driving the American economy and ensuring the availability of high-quality PVC products.

As the demand for PVC continues to rise, these leading manufacturers will undoubtedly remain at the forefront, shaping the future of the PVC industry.

That concludes our piece. Please leave your opinions and feedback in the comment section.

Wishing you a fantastic day!

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